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Un Game


The Un-Game arrived yesterday, and I read the first five chapters last night not paying any attention to the time—another way of saying I was definitely in the flow! Your book is intriguing, instructive, astute, and transformative. I've written notes all over the first five chapters and plan to read again tonight. The words touch so many of my experiences, inner knowing, intelligence, intuition, plus the research that has confirmed my experience sometimes after the fact.

Susan Gorman

- - - - -

Your Un-Game book was a joy to read. Felt like I knew Sam and enjoyed watching his growth. Hope it sells like crazy. Goodness knows American industry needs it.

John N. DeFoore
CEO Consultant Services

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The Un-Game is for leaders and for their coaches. Ingrid Martine’s four-step process delivers both principles and tools for a clear path to performance excellence and more powerful leadership. Her book invites brilliant insights while providing essential skills for those dedicated to moving an organization to the next level. I’m a better coach for having read The Un-Game.

Susan Ann Koenig, JD, PCC
Executive Coach
Co-author with Stephen Covey of Success Simplified

- - - - -

By focusing on perceptual issues and paradigm shifts rather than the broader notion of change, this engaging and readable book gives managers a better way to influence and grow team members.  Those who grasp and use the four-step process described here have a road map for achieving their goals.

George Kilishek
Former Senior VP World Operations
Allergan Optical

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I loved this book! As an international trainer on leadership, I found it a brilliant tool for unleashing human potential, whether in the corporate managers that Ingrid Martine focuses on, or in anybody (in fact, I'm taking her book with me to help train citizen activists in Sierra Leone!). Martine's extended case study approach is a creative and convincing guide for building conscious, courageous, and compassionate leaders—
people who are catalysts and not controllers, and who can tap the innate power of freedom and innovation instead of getting stuck in "the rules."

John Graham
Director,Giraffe Heroes International

- - - - -

The Un-Game goes a lot deeper and broader than most books on management. It focuses on managers within the sometimes chaotic environment of their workplace. No one-size-fits-all approach to leadership is offered in this fine book—and that is a relief. The notion of a collective immune system may cause many readers to see their organization in a very different and revealing light. I recommend this book.

Rick Maurer
Change Management Expert
Author of Beyond the Wall of Resistance

- - - - -

What I love about Ingrid Martine’s book, The Un-Game, is how she engages readers in the story woven around a simple, four-step coaching process that illuminates how we make meaning of our lives. Although Ingrid speaks to managers, her book gives all of us a powerful new possibility to observe what can obscure our vision and block access to a transformed mind-set.  Writing with humor, compassion and creativity, Ingrid leaves us hopeful that it may be easier than we think to awaken to our self-imposed limitations. From there, she clarifies how to shift our focus to what’s far more important--making our unique contribution to a world that is eager to receive it and be transformed by it.

Lynne Twist
Author, The Soul of Money, President of the Soul of Money Institute
Co-Founder, The Pachamama Alliance

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