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For Corporate Managers Only? NOT!

You don’t have to be a detective or a criminal to like reading  mystery novels. Similarly, you don’t have to be a corporate manager to like reading The Un-Game.  I also consider you  a manager if you’re:

  • An Entrepreneur
  • A Parent
  • A Teacher
  • Clergy
  • A Team Member
  • A Coach
  • A Volunteer Coordinator, etc.
  • if you want to manage your life with greater clarity, focus, and even ease.

In Other Words…

If you’re a curious manager who’s passionate about moving from average to good or from good to great, then…

Reading The Un-Game Is For You.


To Answer Your Question “What Will I Get out of Reading The Un-Game?”

  • You’ll see it’s easy to tap your energy not sap it.
  • You’ll uncover to your delight that you’re even more capable than you think.
  • You’ll see someone end labor pains and jumpstart productivity gains…and see yourself doing it too!
  • You’ll SEE your thinking so that you don’t have to BE your thinking. Ahh. Belief relief!
  • You’ll learn how your limiting beliefs get revealed and what you can do about it. No, it’s not positive thinking.
  • You’ll learn it’s easier than you think to resign from the “no time” whine.

In Short…
You’ll learn that you, too, can know and apply the distinctions that make talented managers great. Read The Un-Game because it shows you through story—story is Velcro to the memory—a four-step, learnable process that empowers you to conduct business as unusual. To paraphrase Albert Einstein: “You can’t solve problems with the level of thinking that created them in the first place.” You, too, can “unchain your brain” and unleash much more of your potential when you master a process that not only shows you how…but engages you in it. Begin the journey with The Un-Game: Four-Play to Business as Unusual.

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